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OGWA Spring Technical Seminar at Holiday Inn - March 1-2, 2013 Wilsonville, OR

2013 OGWA Memorial Fund Scholarship Application (pdf)

2013 OGWA Family in Business Scholarship Application (pdf)





Promoting ground water development and management for maximum beneficial use without waste or contamination.



        The  Oregon Drilling Association was organized in November 1949 to build public goodwill and understanding of the drilling industry. Those early objectives have expanded over the years to include pump contractors, water treatment specialists, technical organizations, associate members, student members and manufacturers & suppliers. The association continues to assist in developing meaningful state licensing requirements, legislation, education and related subjects effecting the ground water industry. 

        The name was changed to the Oregon Water Well Association in 1986; and in 1992, to the Oregon Ground Water Association to best reflect our ever-expanding mission.


Mailing Address: P.O. Box 21285
Keizer, OR 97307
Phone: (503) 390-7080
Fax: (503) 390-7088
Webmasters: Paul Christensen -
Krista Pillsbury -


  For more information, contact the OGWA office at 503.390.7080 or by e-mail at
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