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Promoting sustainable ground water development and management for maximum beneficial use without waste or contamination.

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Contractor Members:

Water well drillers, water pump/system installers, and water treatment professionals (or their employees) qualified to and currently providing services in Oregon.

Manufacturer & Supplier (M&S) Members:

Individuals or businesses manufacturing, selling or jobbing drilling equipment, pumps, supplies or services, or any other person with a legitimate interest in the objectives of OGWA.

Technical Members: 

Individuals, businesses, institutions (research facility, university, etc.), or government agencies engaged in research, scientific investigation, or technical consulting on groundwater or water wells. Note: regulatory agencies are excluded from this category, but are eligible for Associate membership as outlined below.

Associate Members: 

Individuals, businesses, or regulatory agencies who have an interest in the affairs of OGWA and do not otherwise qualify for membership.

Student Members: 

Any person currently enrolled in a recognized program for the training of water well drillers, water system installers, water treatment specialists, geologists, hydrologists or any other water related subjects.

Honorary Members: 

Persons elected by the OGWA membership to hold membership in recognition of sustained and active interest in the groundwater industry or contributions of value to the industry from research or scientific investigation.

Life Members: 

Retired members in good standing in previous years who are elected by the OGWA membership to hold lifetime membership.

Inactive Members:

Individuals or businesses who have been active contractor members, but no longer work in Oregon and wish to remain in OGWA. Note: must provide bona fide evidence to OGWA Board of inactive Oregon status prior to application.



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8 a.m.-5 p.m. PST Monday through Friday

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