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My collection currently consists of:Neo Cabby MMAmbre Cabas Beach ToteBatignolles HorizontalThames PM - monoMontosouris MMSarah Wallet - monoZippy Coin Purse - amaranteMini Pochette Acessoires - LE stamps monoMilla Clutch MM - black multicolorBallerina flats - black mono denimPlus I was/am planning on purchasing a few more pieces in the next year, such as a speedy, lumineuse, alma, zippy organizer, and if I can afford it a sunrise too. So I'm at a loss as to what to do. Louis Vuitton Belt

Wow, I love it all. Your Mum is awesome. A huge congrats and Happy Birthday ! Louis Vuitton Store

beautiful congrats Louis Vuitton Handbag


I know the price tag on buying a new LV is hefty, but as chinchin_lim said the lining shouldnt be a deciding factor. Maybe its because the price tag doesnt leave me broke, but i dont tend to care about what the inside feels or looks like.I mean if i like the look of the bag, the inside wont stop me from buying it... unless it was damaged. Am i the only person that feels like that? LV Belts

very pretty. congrats! LV Luggage
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